Trolley cycling through the meadows and forests of Skåne is a fun adventure for all ages and a great way to see some of the most beautiful parts of its countryside. In the past, the trolleys were used to inspect lines by railway staff. Today these old railways have a new life as trolley cycling tracks. 

Rent a trolley, pack a picnic basket and bring the family on a day trip where everyone can take turns pedalling. Most trips take around 3-4 hours including breaks.  Below are a few places where you can rent:  

Tomelilla – Fyledalen: 18km roundtrip

People enjoying a day Trolley Cycling in the summertime

Tomelilla – Fyledalen: 18km roundtrip

This track takes you on a scenic route that once used to cross Skåne, from Simrishamn in the east to Malmö in the west. Cycle from Tomelilla to Fyledalen, one of Skåne’s most beautiful nature reserves. Discover the fantastic wildlife on route, and don't forget to take a picnic. Once there, turn around and cycle the same way back.

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Romeleåsens Dressincykling: 6km one way

A family trolley cycle through a forest at Romeleåsen

Romeleåsens Dressincykling: 6km one way

Trolley cycle along the Romeleåsen ridge between the villages of Björnstorp and Veberöd. This environmentally friendly adventure takes in the beautiful, natural surroundings on Romeleåsen, and is one of Skåne's most important heritages. This trail is about 2 hours long and takes you through lush forests and open meadows and is a great way to enjoy nature without harming it. Look out for fallow deer. Pre-order food or bring your own.

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Broby – Glimminge: 12km roundtrip

Read more on Broby-Glimminge's website

Romeleåsens Dressincykling: 6km one way

Read more on Romeleåsens Dressincykling's website

Sankt Olof - Gyllebosjön - 14km roundtrip

Read more on Sankt Olof - Gyllebosjön's website

Tomelilla – Fyledalen: 18km roundtrip

Read more on Tomelilla - Fyledalen's website

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