There’s no better way to discover Skåne’s countryside than on horseback. Ride in the winter snow, or gallop through the lush green summer forests. Take a tour on Western saddles, charge on a full blood, or trot through the scenery on an Icelandic horse. Take a two-hour tour, or a day long trek along white sandy beaches and golden leaved forests.

This guide helps you plan your riding in Skåne and gives you tips on where to stay if you travel with your own horse, or want to rent one. It also gives you information about the different competitions that take place in Skåne.

Two Horses hugging in a birch woodland
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Skåne has plenty to offer the avid horse enthusiast!
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Ready for an equestrian adventure out of the ordinary?

Choose your type of riding

There are several Bed & Box alternatives here, and you can ride almost all different disciplines. Western style, Reining, Gymkhana, Arabian studs, ponies, Shetland ponies, Icelandic horses, trail riding – you name it. 

Find out all the latest updates and information about events and places to stay at the regional equestrian federation. There are several possibilities to rent horses, some are listed below, and  you’ll find lots more here

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Tour riding in Skåne

Aktiv Western Häst 

Aktiv Western Häst is a small riding school in Torup close to Malmö. It offers guided tours with western style riding in the forests surrounding the ancient Torup Castle. There are tours for beginners and more experienced riders, and the area is popular for weekend trips. Why not combine your riding tour with a visit to the Torup Castle or enjoy a coffee at Statarmuseet the quaint café in the old preserved farm that is now a museum?

Kullabergs Islandshästar 

The Kullaberg nature reserve is famous for its views of Öresund and its dramatic nature and scenery. Kullabergs Islandshästar (Icelandic horses) operates different tours in the area, suitable for experienced riders and beginners. One of the popular trails leads to Mölle, where you can stop for lunch at the local pottery Mölle Krukmakeri before heading back through the lush beech forest.

Söderåsens turridning 

Söderåsens Turridning east of Helsingborg is in the Söderåsen National Park. Enjoy different guided tours on sturdy Haflingers that have a calm temperament and quiet, kind nature, making them the perfect companion for exploring the countryside.

Young girl petting a horse on an open field on a summer's day
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Skåne has plenty to offer the avid horse enthusiast.

Bridle paths with a view

Skåne has some of the most diverse terrain in Sweden. Forged by a history of agriculture and characterized by the long coastline, vast pastures, sharp cliffs, long beaches and forests. You can even ride your horse on privately owned land, and experience parts of countryside that is not possible in most countries. This is called the Right of Public Access and something that is unique to Sweden.

Horses and the Right of Public Access

The Right of Public Access allows anyone access to land, countryside and beaches with few restrictions, even if you are on horseback. But use common sense, respect and courtesy. 

Choose roads and tracks that are robust enough to support the horse’s weight and avoid soft ground that is easily damaged. Respect people’s privacy and do not ride close to houses. Avoid riding on sensitive grounds such as pastures, plantations, meadows and fens. 

Horses grazing on hay in the countryside
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Horseback riding has always been a way of life in Skåne.

Flyinge – the equestrian center of Sweden

Flyinge is the largest and best-known breeding station in Sweden and one of the world’s oldest studs, dating back to the 12th century. Flyinge is considered the epicenter of the Swedish riding community and it is the home of a number of equestrian educational programs as well as a breeding ground for new talents. The vast grounds has long been a working royal stud farm as well as a noble mans’ home for generations. Crossing the courtyard of the main building of Flyinge Kungsgård gives you a sense of history and a feeling of grandeur. Even though the royals have left the building, the trust now in possession of Flyinge has kept with its rich equestrian heritage. Flyinge of today is the epicenter of education, research and training, all related to horses, riding and competition. Visitors with horses are welcomed and a limited number of boxes are available for short-term rent. Human visitors are of course welcome to stay on the premises in the summer months, depending on availability (please check the website). A vast number of good Bed & Breakfasts are also located a short distance away.                                    

Riding trails in Skåne

In Skåne you can spend the morning in a shadowy forest, noon in sunny meadows and fields and finish your day on a sandy beach. Below are a few suggestions of good equestrian trails in Skåne. Check with the local town’s website for exact information. 


The Hovdala area just south of Hässleholm in northern Skåne offers two riding trails of 8 or 12 kilometres, passing through beautiful open fields and dense forests surrounding ancient Hovdala Castle. There’s a car park with room for trailers, paddocks for horses and barbeque spots for hungry riders.


This is a short trail, only 2.5 kilometres long is an excellent hiking area open to horses. It passes through wetlands, home to a multitude of rare birds and costal plants. Järavallen’s hiking area is between Malmö and Landskrona and is easily accessible.

Snogeholm – A ride through history

The trails around Snogeholm Castle wind through fields, pastures and forests. Make sure your horse gets along with other animals and that you are prepared to open and close gates when needed, as this is a working farm. There’s plenty of parking for trailers and it’s easy to unload and load.

Riding competitions in Skåne 

With almost a thousand horses and riders, fifty different disciplines and over six hundred people working in the crew, Falsterbo Horse Show is one of the biggest and most famous events in the equestrian year. Falsterbo Horse Show usually takes place in the first week of July.

There are hundreds of other horse riding events taking place throughout the year. The best way to keep updated is to get in touch with the regional riders’ association.

Accommodation for you and your horse

If you bring your own horse to Skåne, there are several possibilities for appropriate housing with various degree of service and amenities. Check the list below for a selection of nice stays for you, your family and your horse.

Flyinge Kungsgård

The yellow stables of Flyinge Kungsgård

Flyinge Kungsgård

Flyinge and Flyinge Kungsgård is the most significant location for everything horse related in Skåne and all of Sweden. It is the largest and most well known stud in Sweden and during summer, when school is not in session, it is possible for visitors and their horses to stay on the grounds.

Read more on Flyinge's website Read more


Women walking with dogs © Britt-Marie Sohlström
Summer day with greenery © Britt-Marie Sohlström


Övedskloster (Öved monastery) is in one of the prettiest areas for riding in the region. The monastery offers Bed & Box accommodation in gently rolling landscape, lush forests and open fields that make it a perfect setting for equestrian adventures. There are lit riding tails and a paddock. Lake Vombsjö is just a short walk away.

Read more on Övedskloster's website Read more


Two children and a horse


Munkeberg was once a monastery but is now a family-run, modern riding facility. If you are looking for peaceful tranquillity in beautiful surroundings, this is the perfect spot for you. Trails, paddocks and a riding house are some of the facilities provided, while the countryside around the monastery is well suited for trips on horseback.

Read more on Munkeberg's website Read more


Big house and a meadow © Rebecka Rosander


Hunseröd farm is a Bed & Box facility in the centre of Skåne providing riding opportunities for beginners and more experienced riders. Bring your own horse and the owners will give you guided riding tours around the area which is sprinkled with small lakes, meadows and forests.

Read more on Hunseröd's website Read more

Svabesholms Kungsgård

Cafe entrance
Svabesholm's frontyard © Jorchr

Svabesholms Kungsgård

This full-service Bed & box facility is in a former royal dwelling. It dates back to 1625 and the scenic location Österlen makes this a perfect place to stay for lovers of horses and countryside. Riders can enjoy stunning views and there are lots of possibilities for eating and drinking at good restaurants and picturesque cafés in the area.

Read more on Svabesholm's website Read more

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