Skåne is well suited for viticulture and has become an established wine region. Today there are about 30 wineries and counting. Try out wine tastings and take a winemaking course at several of the local vineyards. Enjoy a guided tour and follow the whole process from growing grapes to producing in the winery. Help harvest grapes and enjoy dinner and wines from the local vineyard.

Here is a list of some of Skåne's vineyards open for visitors, offering a wide selection of different experiences.

Arilds vingård

Arilds vingård

Arilds vineyard in north-west Skåne is based in one of the oldest farms in the area. Enjoy a tasty dinner and sample the Cabernet Cortis, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Spend the night at the farm in one of the fifteen rooms that are for rent rather than driving from the winery.

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Hällåkra vingård


Hällåkra vingård

The Hansson family has owned Hällåkra vineyard in southern Skåne for five generations. They grow their own grapes as well as run their own winery, restaurant and wine bar. They sell whites, rosés and even a pinot noir. The restaurant serves delicious food prepared from local produce. Sample everything from reds and whites to sparkling wines and sweet dessert wines.

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Kullabergs vingård

Vy över Kullabergs vingård

Kullabergs vingård

This winery in Kullaberg, on the tip of the beautiful Kulla Peninsula, focuses on producing wines of the highest quality using sustainable agricultural methods. Wines include fruity rosés, aromatics whites and different ciders. Take a guided tour of the winery, savour the taste, then spend the night in one of Skåne’s most beautiful places.

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Skepparps Vingård

Girls walking through a vineyard

Skepparps Vingård

This vineyard close to Brösarp in Österlen, eastern Skåne produces “crossover” sparkling wines – a mixture of grapes from Sweden and Italy. Try their crossover rosés, bruts and their grand-prix sparklings. The vineyard also hosts wedding parties, birthdays, conferences and an annual wine festival.

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In Sweden, all alcoholic beverages containing over 3.5% alcohol by volume are sold through the government owned chain called Systembolaget. 

You have to be over 20 to buy alcoholic beverages at Systembolaget. The age limit for ordering alcohol in bars and restaurants is 18. The reason for this monopoly is to control and reduce damage caused by overconsumption and to promote a moderate drinking culture. Systembolaget is in central locations in most Swedish cities.  

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