History museums – as if you were there

Skåne’s history museums contain stories and objects from the Viking age until today. Here are some of the most popular historical tourist attractions.

Kulturen in Lund

Kulturen i Lund ute

Kulturen in Lund

Kulturen in Lund is one of the world’s best open-air museums comprising two blocks of historical buildings and gardens. The houses are surrounded by cobblestone streets and beautiful gardens. Kulturen is built according to the pavilion system that inspired different world exhibitions of the nineteenth century. There are up to twenty different exhibitions, highlighting everything from art, design, culture and history, and temporary exhibitions especially for children.

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Malmöhus Castle

Brick castle with red round side building mirroring in the surrounding water

Malmöhus Castle

The Malmöhus Castle in central Malmö is the oldest preserved renaissance castle in the Nordic countries and today houses both temporary and permanent exhibitions. Visit the aquarium, experience and erupting volcano, or wander around the middle-ages exhibition in the basement. Buying a ticket here gives you access to the Technical and Nautical Museum just across the street, where you can climb aboard a real submarine.

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Landskrona Citadel

Red citadel with a green garden in front

Landskrona Citadel

The Citadel is one of the Nordic region’s best-preserved 16th century fortresses and was built sometime between 1549-1559 by the Danish King Christian III as a defence fortification. During the 19th century the Citadel was used as a prison, first for prisoners of war and subsequently for life-term prisoners and women prisoners. Today, the citadel is a recreation area here a museum, exhibitions, a craft shop and a café. Guided tours are given in the summers, and at other times by prior arrangement.

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Historical Museum in Lund

Upper body sculpture
Hall with historical figures

Historical Museum in Lund

The Historical Museum in central Lund features both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Permanent exhibitions include the Zoological Gallery, Classical Antique Collection, Cathedral Museum and the Stone and Bronze age halls. There are lots of activities for children, who can explore the museum by joining the animal hunt and look for hidden animals.

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Foteviken © Frits Meyst / MeystPhoto.com


Foteviken is a reconstruction of a large Viking settlement on the Höllviken peninsula in southern Skåne. It’s a city of inhabitable houses, creating a strong sense of authenticity. There’s also a full-scale recreation of a Viking ship found off the coast Every week after Midsummer the museum arranges the annual Foteviken Viking Market that draws hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and Viking warriors from all around the world.

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Map of Skåne

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